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The Great (East Anglian) Outdoors.

Hi Ricky, firstly thanks so much for using Ipswich Embroidery and Print for your workwear and feather flags, Adam and I have to say we absolutely love the sound of the new business, perhaps you could tell our readers a bit more about you and what East Coast Adventures is all about? Thanks guys! In my former life I was actually senior in the world of Project Management, having worked for several years in Life

How we helped Helen be more flexible during lockdown.

This month we had the pleasure of working with Helen Duggan of HD Core & More, a Pilates instructor with a growing business initially launched in 2019. Like all of us, word of mouth is our most powerful marketing tool and she came to us via recommendation from Carla at By Twig designs.Helen has had to roll with the punches over the last 12 months adapting to deliver her classes online, so thought we’d share


Your vision, Our mission!

Firstly, congratulations on finding our website! You may be a potential customer, interested in finding out more about our business. Or you could be someone looking to start your own garment decoration business, in which case, all power to you! With it being a family-run business, we thought we would start by telling you a little bit about the history and journey of the company. Ipswich Embroidery & Print began its life as Greenman Embroidery